Therapy Yoga

Yoga is not a medical process, a normal person can practice yoga perfectly to keep his/ her body healthy. 

But those who are unhealthy or those who cannot stand, or sit or those who can not practice yoga they can use props for performing assans or paranayam. By this they can do yoga for long time and this is called yoga therapy.

Benefits of yoga therapy

  • By practicing yoga therapy with the help of props removes tension, we are able to give perfect effect to particular organs of our choice.
  • We don’t feel tired. Due to this breathing process becomes deep and rhythmic and the body receives more of ‘Prana’ (oxygen) easily.
  • When prana (oxygen) is taken rhythmically for a long time, breathing normally becomes longer. Due to this we feel very peaceful and stress is reduced, which leads to good health.
  • By practicing yoga with props. We can give extra twist or turn to the body according to the requirement which is usually not possible for a sick body. thus we can get more benefit and faster through props.