• Instructor Training Program

    Instructor Training Program

    The program will enrich your knowledge about various aspects of yoga. Upon completion of the program, you will be able to teach in a variety of settings. You will be familiar with Asanas including difficult to perform Asanas, various types of meditation, stage by stage relaxation, and Pranayama techniques. You will be able to connect with your inner teacher and find your own teaching voice giving you the confidence to help others improve the quality of their life through yoga practice.

    The syllabus includes:

    • Anatomy
    • Philosophy, theory and practice of yoga
    • Yam and Niyam
    • Asanas
    • Adjustments and modifications
    • Assisting with correct alignment
    • Yogic kriyas
    • Bandhas
    • Mudras
    • Kshuksham Vyayam / kriyas
    • Pranayama
    • Meditation and Relaxation
    • Yoga and healing, therapeutic yoga
    • Yoga as a holistic practice
    • Designing the individual program of yoga practice
    • Questions and discussions concerning teaching
    • Working with special issues and population
    • Techniques and tips to transform practice and teaching
    • Mudra Vigyan, Mantra chanting and Yogic lifestyle


    Yoga Instructor Training is an opportunity for students and instructors alike to deepen their practice. Being a highly intense subject it is not unusual and surprising that the knowledge of yoga has been passed on through generations as Guru-shishya lineage. The deeper knowledge and secrets of yoga cannot be mastered merely by book learning or through improper training programs. It actually needs one-to-one and step by step learning under the guidance of a capable master. It is a fact that most yoga teachers and instructors lack proper knowledge and understanding, needed perfection and skills in the field.

    The purpose of this training program is to prepare highly qualified yoga instructors by intense and step by step advanced training to the genuine and serious students of yoga to enrich them with deep insight into the subject so that they in turn can help their clients by imparting good education and knowledge for practicing yoga.

    The aim of this training program is to:

    • To widen the understanding of the students about the various aspects of yoga
    • Training of key Yoga principles and techniques to transform one’s practice, teaching and understanding
    • To focus on practical and personalized training to learn and assimilate correct knowledge and practice
    • To unfold and spread the therapeutic value of Yoga.
    • To develop the student to become a better yoga instructor
    • To provide career guidance in the field of Yoga
  • Yoga Medical Therapy

    Yoga Medical Therapy

    (For Teachers)

    Yoga peace conducts classes to teach “Medical Yoga”. This program is specially for those who have been teaching yoga for more than 5 years or those who have taken the “Yogapeace Teacher Training Program”(Y.T.T.P.)

    This program is run for 6 days for 6 months. One can join Yogapeace at a decided time for 2 hours daily between 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

    The course aims to teach Medical therapy, understanding disease & deciding regime of Therapy and conducting the same. The course covers knowledge of various genetic and other illnesses and their treatment through yoga.

  • FAQs

    Q: Do I have to be an experienced yoga practitioner to join the Yoga Instructor training program?
    A: No, anybody can join the training program, but you may need more time or to join the Beginners’ program.

    Q: How long will it take me to complete the course?
    A: Yoga Teachers Training program is for total 200 hours. The classes are held three hours every week, so it takes around 36 weeks to complete the course. If you are irregular in classes you may need more time to complete the course. You will have 52 weeks to complete the course. This includes Anatomy and Physiology instruction.

    Q: When do the practical exams take place?
    A: Practical exams are held at the end of the course.

    Q: Will I get any certificate and credentials when I successfully complete the course?
    A: Yes, you will get authorized YogaPeace Instructor certification along with the letter of credentials.

    Q: I am already a Yoga instructor. Why should I join YogaPeace Instructor training program?
    A: YogaPeace Instructor training program is high grade advance training module giving you deeper understanding and focused insight to Yoga to further enrich your knowledge and guide you with practical skills. The training program also include difficult to perform asanas, guidance about tailor- made yoga programme, therapeutic yoga for specific conditions and career guidance in teaching.

    Q: How Do I get started?
    A: Fill out the Application form and submit it along with the required details. After a brief interview, you will be admitted for the course if found eligible. You will be given step by step instructions to start the course.

    Q: What types of Programs offer YogaPeace?
    A: YogaPeace offer two types of programs, one for the yoga practitioners and the other for the common people or the beginners.

    Q: I am a beginner. Can I register for Yoga Instructor Training program?
    A: No, first you need to take a foundation course (beginners’ course) after which you can join the Yoga Instructor Training program.

    Q: How important is to learn Yoga from Yoga Teacher like you?
    A: Being a subject of intense training there can be complication if not practiced properly. The chances are also to hurt or harm self by practicing asanas and pranayama in wrong way or by over doing them. One may also be harmed in case of presence of ailments as many of the asanas / pranayama are contraindicated in case of certain ailments. So it is important to learn yoga from a qualified and experience teacher.

    Q: How as a lay man yoga can help me?
    A: Yoga can help you stay healthy, energetic and fit. It can remove your fatigue and stress. It can rejuvenate you. Yoga helps in keeping mental and emotional balance. It increases memory and mental alertness. It brings harmony between mind, body and spirit so that a person leads a happy and healthy life.

    Q: Do you only teach Asanas in your training programs?
    No, we also teach the other aspects of yoga like Kriya, Bandh, Pranayam, Meditation etc. Out training programs are quite detailed.

    Q: Would it be possible for me to do difficult looking postures etc.?
    A: Yes, of course with proper training and practice everything becomes simple.

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